• Offered: 165
  • Sold: 125
  • Sold %: 75.76
  • Total disclosed value: £37.374M
1Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseUxbridge, Middlesex£339,000
2Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseMitcham, Surrey£247,000
3Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseHarrow, MiddlesexWithdrawn
4Vacant Freehold FlatLondon SE25£204,000
5Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseWokingham, Berkshire£220,000
6Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W12Withdrawn
7Vacant Freehold SiteLondon N21£855,000
8Vacant Freehold Detached HouseChessington, Surrey£430,000
9Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon SW16£396,000
10Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W12Available at £475,000
11Vacant Leasehold FlatBrentford, Middlesex£324,000
12Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E7£342,000
13Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E4£169,000
14Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E7£226,000
15Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW16£204,000
16Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseMitcham, SurreyWithdrawn
17Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseMitcham, Surrey£385,000
18Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE25£269,000
19Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseThornton Heath, Surrey£307,000
20Vacant Leasehold FlatTunbridge Wells, Kent£194,000
21Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseTadworth, Surrey£282,000
22Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseFeltham, Middlesex£384,000
23Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon E4£385,000
24Vacant Leasehold OtherIlford, Essex£182,000
25Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseCroydon, Surrey£298,000
26Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseCroydon, SurreyWithdrawn
27Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon NW10£460,000
28Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon SE23Available at £510,000
29Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E10Available at £240,000
30Vacant Leasehold FlatHayes, Middlesex£228,000
31Vacant Leasehold FlatSouthall, Middlesex£236,000
32Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon SE2£420,000
33Vacant Freehold BuildingEnfield, Middlesex£1.02M
34Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW17Available at £410,000
35Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLondon SW20£353,000
36Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E17£249,000
37Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLondon SE7Available at £275,000
38Vacant Leasehold FlatHounslow, MiddlesexAvailable at £205,000
39Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon SW1PWithdrawn Prior
40Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon SW15£1.25M
41Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteIsleworth, Middlesex£263,000
42Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE22Available at £410,000
43Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseSouth Croydon, Surrey£283,000
44Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW2£286,000
45Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W1KRefer to Auctioneer
46Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon SW17Available at £585,000
47Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon E15£454,000
48Vacant Leasehold FlatIlford, Essex£225,000
49Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W1JRefer to Auctioneer
50Vacant Freehold HouseBelvedere, Kent£347,000
51Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon N9£329,000
52Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLondon SW16£283,000
53Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseMaidenhead, BerkshireWithdrawn
54Vacant Leasehold GarageLondon SW20£14,000
55Vacant Leasehold CommercialMorden, Surrey£329,000
56Part Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon W12Available at £950,000
57Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseLondon SW19£960,000
58Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseChatham, Kent£140,000
59Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLondon E16£247,000
60Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseChatham, Kent£137,000
61Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteNorth Harrow, Middlesex£231,000
62Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon SE15£1.135M
63Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon SE5£620,000
64Investment Leasehold FlatLondon SW4Available at £590,000
65Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseHayes, MiddlesexSold Post
66Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseOrpington, Kent£307,000
67Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SW7£810,000
68Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE10£272,000
69Vacant Leasehold StudioLondon N8£160,000
70Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW2Available at £600,000
71Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE13£240,000
72Part Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon W12£1.375M
73Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseThornton Heath, Surrey£370,000
74Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseMitcham, Surrey£368,000
75Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW2£262,000
76Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon N1Withdrawn
77Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E15£172,000
78Vacant Leasehold FlatHornchurch, Essex£118,000
79Vacant Leasehold FlatEpsom, Surrey£182,000
80Vacant Freehold SiteSouthend-on-Sea, Essex£98,000
81Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseHenley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire£472,000
82Vacant Freehold CottageSunningdale, Berkshire£625,000
83Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E13£200,000
84Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE14£192,000
85Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE22£234,000
86Vacant Freehold SiteBrentwood, EssexAvailable at £2M
87Investment Freehold RetailLondon N17Available at £2.1M
88Vacant Freehold SiteLondon N17£130,000
89Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseOrpington, KentAvailable at £500,000
90Vacant Freehold OfficeAscot, BerkshireAvailable at £430,000
91Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseThornton Heath, Surrey£322,000
92Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon N18£171,000
93Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E17£249,000
94Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon SW16£378,000
95Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseBarking, Essex£300,000
96Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW10Available at £500,000
97Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E7Available at £225,000
98Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon E7£413,000
99Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseSunbury-on-Thames, Surrey£318,000
100Vacant Leasehold OtherLondon SE25£100,000
101Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLondon N12£250,000
102Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon NW10£1.4M
103Vacant Freehold BuildingNewbury, Berkshire£240,000
104Part Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseNew Addington, SurreyAvailable at £380,000
105Vacant Leasehold FlatLeatherhead, Surrey£131,000
106Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE18Available at £210,000
107Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseWestcliff-on-Sea, Essex£223,000
108Vacant Leasehold OtherLondon W2Withdrawn
109Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseSidcup, Kent£264,000
110Vacant Leasehold OtherCaterham, Surrey£122,000
111Vacant Leasehold FlatDagenham, EssexSold Post
112Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon E6£380,000
113Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseDeal£136,000
114Vacant Leasehold FlatFolkestone, Kent£143,000
115Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseGrays, EssexWithdrawn
116Vacant Leasehold StudioLondon W6Available at £250,000
117Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW2£270,000
118Part Vacant Freehold GarageHornchurch, Essex£241,000
119Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon SE18£270,000
120Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon N17£355,000
121Investment Leasehold FlatLondon SE22Available at £495,000
122Vacant Freehold BuildingLiss, HampshireWithdrawn
123Vacant Freehold BuildingNewbury, Berkshire£287,000
124Investment Freehold Terraced HouseCrawley, West Sussex£242,000
125Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseSouthampton, Hampshire£286,000
126Vacant Freehold GarageLondon N1Available at £330,000
127Vacant Freehold SiteRochester, KentAvailable at £625,000
128Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon N4Withdrawn
129Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE18£305,000
130Investment Leasehold Terraced HouseSheffield, South Yorkshire£56,000
131Investment Leasehold Terraced HouseSheffield, South Yorkshire£78,000
132Vacant Freehold LandLondon E4£79,000
133Freehold Development OpportunityRomford, EssexAvailable at £600,000
134Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW12Available at £400,000
135Vacant Leasehold FlatDartford, Kent£90,000
136Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteThornton Heath, Surrey£238,000
137Investment Freehold BuildingBognor Regis, West SussexSold Post
138Vacant Leasehold FlatBournemouth, Dorset£176,000
139Vacant Leasehold BuildingPurley, Surrey£175,000
140Vacant Freehold SiteHenley-on-Thames, OxfordshireSold Prior
141Investment Freehold BuildingLondon SW2Withdrawn
142Vacant Freehold LandNr. Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire£180,000
143Vacant Freehold Detached BungalowWest Malling, Kent£300,000
144Vacant Freehold Detached BungalowWest Malling, KentAvailable at £320,000
145Vacant Freehold BungalowSevenoaks, KentAvailable at £375,000
146Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseMaidstone, KentAvailable at £265,000
147Vacant Freehold LandWhittlesey, Cambridgeshire£122,000
148Vacant Freehold BuildingSheringham, Norfolk£362,000
149Vacant Freehold HouseCanterbury, KentAvailable at £220,000
150Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon W12Available at £490,000
151Vacant Freehold BuildingMartock, Somerset£204,000
152Vacant Freehold SiteNr Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire£260,000
153Vacant Leasehold StudioLondon NW3£292,500
154Vacant Leasehold FlatEdgware, Middlesex£262,000
155Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon E1Available at £730,000
156Investment Freehold MaisonetteChalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire£86,000
157Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE24£334,000
158Investment Freehold BuildingLondon SW17£14,000
159Investment Leasehold FlatNortholt, Middlesex£182,000
160Vacant Freehold SiteHorsham, West SussexWithdrawn
161Vacant Freehold GarageLondon SW16Withdrawn
162Vacant Leasehold FlatDunstable, Bedfordshire£96,000
163Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E7Withdrawn
164Vacant Freehold Terraced HousePortsmouth, Hampshire£155,000
164AVacant Freehold Terraced HousePortsmouth, Hampshire£162,000
165Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseSouthampton, HampshireWithdrawn
166Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseRomford, EssexSold Post
167Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E16Available at £195,000
168Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW6Available at £330,000
169Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseNottingham, Nottinghamshire£64,000
170Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseStoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire£61,000
171Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW6Available at £390,000
172Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW2Available at £265,000
173Investment Freehold FlatCroydon, Surrey£24,000
174Vacant Freehold FlatChigwell, Essex£177,000
175Vacant Freehold Detached HouseLiverpool, Merseyside£180,000
176Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseWarmley Hill, Bristol£191,000
177Vacant Freehold BuildingStoke-on-Trent, StaffordshireWithdrawn
178Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW11Refer to Auctioneer
179Vacant Freehold Terraced HousePortsmouth, Hampshire£159,000
180Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW6Available at £400,000
181Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached BungalowBacup, LancashireRefer to Auctioneer