• Offered: 147
  • Sold: 98
  • Sold %: 66.67
  • Total disclosed value: £35.983M
1Vacant Freehold HouseGreat Dunmow, EssexWithdrawn
2Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached BungalowDorking, Surrey£268,000
3Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLangley Park Road, Sutton£217,000
4Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseTeddington, Middlesex£1.07M
5Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW17Available at £430,000
6Vacant Freehold HouseEnfield, MiddlesexAvailable at £305,000
7Vacant Freehold CottageChigwell, Essex£345,000
8Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLondon E10£40,000
9Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E6£272,000
10Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW2Sold Post
11Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE6Available
12Part Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon SW6Available at £540,000
13Vacant Freehold HouseErith, KentRefer
14Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE6Withdrawn
15Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW18£345,000
16Vacant Leasehold FlatCroydon, Surrey£233,000
17Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseHarrow, Middlesex£331,000
18Vacant Freehold HouseLondon NW10Available at £680,000
19Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SW16£386,000
20Vacant Freehold HouseSouth Croydon, Surrey£299,000
21Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseEnfield, Middlesex£434,000
22Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon SE15£501,000
23Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE6£432,000
24Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SW16£356,000
25Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E4£365,000
26Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E7£380,000
27Part Vacant Freehold GarageLondon N3£104,000
28Vacant Freehold Block of FlatsLondon NW10Available at £2M
29Vacant Freehold HouseBelvedere, KentRefer
30Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E4£350,000
31Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon E3Available at £750,000
32Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW10Sold Post
33Vacant Leasehold FlatChesham, BuckinghamshireAvailable at £190,000
34Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE6Refer
35Vacant Freehold HouseCroydon, SurreyAvailable at £220,000
36Vacant Freehold HouseErith, Kent£232,000
37Investment Freehold BuildingLondon SE18£203,000
38Vacant Freehold SiteLondon SW19Sold Post
39Freehold LeisureLondon SW19Available
40Freehold IndustrialLondon SW19Available at £2M
41Vacant Freehold HouseDarenth, Kent£214,000
42Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE2£316,000
43Vacant Freehold Detached HouseBarnet, Hertfordshire£662,000
44Vacant Freehold BuildingEpsom, Surrey£192,500
45Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon W4£1.4M
46Vacant Leasehold FlatThornton Heath, Surrey£160,000
47Vacant Leasehold StudioLondon N4£120,000
48Vacant Freehold HouseDagenham, Essex£272,000
49Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E15£415,000
50Vacant Leasehold FlatAshtead, SurreyWithdrawn
51Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE9£313,000
52Vacant Freehold SiteVirginia Water, Surrey£1.75M
53Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE6£440,000
54Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLondon SE6£110,000
55Vacant Freehold HouseSevenoaks, Kent£250,000
56Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE23£245,000
57Vacant Freehold Detached BungalowLondon SW16£312,000
58Vacant Leasehold FlatThornton Heath, SurreyAvailable at £155,000
59Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE25Available at £200,000
60Vacant Freehold HouseLittlehampton, West SussexAvailable at £170,000
61Vacant Freehold SitePoole, DorsetRefer to Auctioneer
62Investment Leasehold BuildingLlanelli, WalesWithdrawn Prior
63Vacant Freehold BuildingMargate, KentAvailable at £1.3M
64Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon SE26Withdrawn
65Part Vacant Freehold Block of FlatsTolworth, Nr SurbitonSold Post
66Vacant Freehold HouseSlough, BerkshireAvailable at £210,000
67Vacant Freehold GarageOrpington, Kent£18,000
68Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteOrpington, KentRefer
69Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE6Refer
70Vacant Freehold BuildingHindhead, SurreyAvailable at £179,000
71Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW6Available at £410,000
72Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW6Available at £350,000
73Vacant Leasehold FlatCoulsdon, Surrey£148,000
74Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE2Available at £305,000
75Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SW16£375,000
76Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLondon E10£207,000
77Vacant Freehold SiteRochester, Kent£40,000
78Investment Freehold SiteHayes, MiddlesexAvailable at £1.05M
79Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseChelmsford, EssexAvailable at £285,000
79AInvestment Freehold BuildingLondon SE20£590,000
80Vacant Leasehold FlatSouth Ockendon, EssexAvailable at £140,000
81Investment Leasehold FlatLeicester, LeicestershireRefer to Auctioneer
82Part Vacant Freehold BuildingReading, BerkshireWithdrawn
83Vacant Freehold HouseBraintree, Essex£172,000
84Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E17£384,000
85Vacant Freehold SiteTonbridge, KentRefer to Auctioneer
86Vacant Leasehold HouseIvybridge, DevonRefer
87Vacant Freehold HouseHarwich, EssexAvailable at £120,000
88Vacant Freehold HouseSouthend-on-Sea, EssexAvailable at £235,000
89Vacant Freehold HouseCambridge, Cambridgeshire£1.05M
90Vacant Freehold Detached HouseHounslow, Middlesex£409,000
91Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW16Available at £280,000
92Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE19Available at £269,000
93Vacant Freehold HouseChatham, Kent£136,000
94Vacant Freehold HouseReading, Berkshire£214,000
95Vacant Freehold HouseIpswich, Suffolk£120,000
96Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseSindlesham, Nr ReadingAvailable at £350,000
97Vacant Freehold CottageSindlesham, Nr ReadingSold Prior
98Vacant Freehold HouseIpswich, Suffolk£100,000
99Vacant Freehold HouseKettering, NorthamptonshireAvailable at £115,000
100Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE16£312,000
101Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE16£210,000
101AVacant Freehold HouseRingmer, Nr Lewes£688,000
101BInvestment Freehold HouseLondon SW2£400,000
101CVacant Freehold HouseLondon NW10Sold Post
102Vacant Freehold RetailWorthing, West SussexAvailable at £165,000
103Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseLondon W3£500,000
104Investment Freehold BuildingLondon NW1Withdrawn
105Vacant Freehold LandSindlesham, Nr ReadingSold Prior
106Investment Freehold SiteSindlesham, Nr Reading£50,000
107Vacant Freehold Detached HouseLondon SW20Available at £550,000
108Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseSwindon, Wiltshire£120,000
109Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE23Withdrawn Prior
110Vacant Freehold IndustrialBournemouth, DorsetAvailable at £45,000
111Part Vacant Freehold RetailReigate, Surrey£410,000
112Vacant Freehold SiteChobham, Surrey£50,000
113Vacant Freehold HouseMarch, CambridgeshireSold Post
114Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseCambridge, CambridgeshireWithdrawn
114AVacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseBarnstone, NottinghamSold Post
114BVacant Freehold Semi-Detached BungalowGuisborough, Redcar and ClevelandWithdrawn Prior
115Vacant Freehold HouseMitcham, Surrey£318,000
116Vacant Freehold CottageKingston upon Thames, Surrey£1.12M
117Vacant Freehold BuildingKingston upon Thames, SurreySold Post
118Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseUxbridge, Middlesex£445,000
119Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SW18Withdrawn Prior
120Vacant Leasehold FlatOxford, Oxfordshire£370,000
121Investment Leasehold FlatReading, BerkshireWithdrawn
122Investment Freehold BuildingFrome, SomersetAvailable at £365,000
123Investment Freehold BuildingFrome, Somerset£142,000
124Vacant Leasehold FlatSidcup, KentWithdrawn Prior
125Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE22Withdrawn Prior
126Vacant Leasehold FlatDagenham, Essex£147,000
127Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteEgham, Surrey£245,000
128Investment Freehold SiteNorthampton, NorthamptonshireWithdrawn Prior
129Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E13Withdrawn Prior
130Vacant Leasehold StudioLondon SE25£121,000
131Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W1W£425,000
132Vacant Freehold LandHaywards Heath, West Sussex£21,000
133Vacant Freehold LandGoring-by-Sea, West Sussex£15,000
134Vacant Freehold LandEast Wittering, West Sussex£6,000
135Investment Leasehold Block of FlatsGloucester, GloucestershireSold Post
136Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E5£850,000
137Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseDunstable, BedfordshireWithdrawn Prior
138Vacant Freehold Landand Newton-le-Willows, North Yorkshire£150,000
139Vacant Freehold HouseLeeds, West Yorkshire£72,000
140Vacant Freehold SiteNorwich, NorfolkAvailable at £10,000
141Investment Freehold Block of FlatsLondon N16£69,000
142Vacant Freehold BuildingIdlicote, Nr Shipston-on-Stour£450,000
143Vacant Freehold SiteEwhurst, Surrey£278,000
144Investment Freehold BuildingWisbech, Cambridgeshire£400,000
145Vacant Leasehold FlatIlford, EssexAvailable at £170,000
146Vacant Freehold HouseLondon N17Withdrawn
147Vacant Leasehold OtherLondon SW2£10,000
148Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseNorwich, Norfolk£167,000
149Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseSt Austell, CornwallRefer
150Vacant Freehold BuildingWinslow, BuckinghamshireRefer to Auctioneer
151Investment Leasehold StudioChesham, BuckinghamshireWithdrawn
152Vacant Leasehold StudioAylesbury, BuckinghamshireWithdrawn
153Vacant Freehold Detached HousePrestwich, Manchester£128,000
154Investment Freehold BuildingImpington, Nr CambridgeAvailable at £40,000
155Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseEly, Cambridgshire£123,000
156Vacant Freehold HouseStoke-on-Trent, StaffordshireAvailable at £65,000
157Vacant Freehold SiteClacton-on-Sea, Essex£20,000
158Investment Freehold Ground RentCrowborough, East Sussex£46,000
159Vacant Leasehold FlatNewcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear£25,000
160Vacant Freehold ChaletNorwich, Norfolk£117,000
161Investment Freehold BuildingLondon SW9Refer