• Offered: 131
  • Sold: 89
  • Sold %: 67.94
  • Total disclosed value: £30.052M
1Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW12Withdrawn
2Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW15£590,000
3Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW17£495,000
4Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE21£660,000
5Vacant Leasehold StudioLondon NW1£280,000
6Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W9£400,000
7Vacant Freehold SiteCambridgeAvailable at £500,000
8Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE20£410,000
9Vacant Leasehold StudioLondon NW1£340,000
10Vacant Leasehold BuildingLondon NW10Refer to Auctioneer
11Vacant Freehold HouseHigh Wycombe, Buckinghamshire£190,000
12Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseWigan, LancashireSold Prior
13Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE24Available at £735,000
14Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W9£434,000
15Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW1V£503,000
16Vacant Leasehold FlatSandhurst, Berkshire£116,000
17Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLondon SW16£192,000
18Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE6Sold Prior
19Vacant Leasehold FlatSunningdale, Berkshire£234,000
20Vacant Freehold HouseLondon NW2Sold Prior
21Vacant Freehold OtherSouthamptonAvailable at £460,000
22Vacant Freehold SiteBurnham, Berkshire£120,000
23Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteCroydon, Surrey£217,000
24Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW18Available at £355,000
25Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseGuildford, Surrey£360,000
26Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW6£489,000
27Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteHillingdon, MiddlesexAvailable at £225,000
28Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW15£337,000
29Vacant Leasehold HouseLondon SW12£415,000
30Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseCambridge£438,000
31Vacant Leasehold StudioLondon SE25Sold Post
32Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W4£455,000
33Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseGreat Dunmow, Essex£317,000
34Investment Leasehold FlatLondon SE18£112,000
35Vacant Leasehold FlatMitcham, Surrey£175,000
35AVacant Leasehold FlatIlfordAvailable at £160,000
36Vacant Freehold HouseSalfords, Surrey£285,000
37Vacant Freehold BuildingFareham, HampshireAvailable at £450,000
38Vacant Freehold Detached HouseLondon SE7£960,000
39Vacant Freehold SiteMitcham, Surrey£120,000
40Investment Freehold Semi-Detached HouseCroydon, SurreyRefer to Auctioneer
41Investment Freehold BuildingLondon SW2Withdrawn
42Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteThames Ditton, Surrey£287,000
43Investment Freehold Semi-Detached HouseUxbridge, MiddlesexRefer to Auctioneer
43AVacant Freehold HouseOxford, Oxfordshire.Available at £430,000
44Vacant Freehold SiteLuton, Bedfordshire£70,000
45Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseWatchet, Somerset£74,000
46Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseFrome, Somerset£212,000
47Vacant Freehold BuildingUxbridge, Middlesex£255,000
48Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W14Sold Prior
49Investment Freehold Semi-Detached HouseCroydon, SurreySold Post
49AVacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW10Available at £600,000
50Vacant Freehold SiteAbingdon, OxfordshireAvailable at £25,000
51Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW11Sold Post
52Vacant Freehold HouseRamsgate, KentAvailable at £180,000
53Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW1Available at £415,000
54Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon N17Available at £110,000
55Investment Leasehold BuildingChatham, Kent£19,000
56Vacant Leasehold OtherLondon EC4Y£500,000
57Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E14Sold Post
58Vacant Freehold BuildingFareham, Hampshire£525,000
59Vacant Freehold HouseFarnham, SurreyAvailable at £500,000
60Vacant Freehold HouseBerkhamsted, HertfordshireAvailable at £450,000
61Vacant Leasehold FlatAylesbury, BuckinghamshireWithdrawn
62Vacant Leasehold StudioBirmingham, West Midlands£42,500
63Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseLondon E14£634,000
64Vacant Freehold HouseRoyston, CambridgeshireAvailable at £425,000
65Vacant Freehold CottageSaul, GloucestershireAvailable at £215,000
66Investment Freehold BuildingLondon E9Available at £1.7M
67Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseSheffield, South Yorkshire£114,000
68Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon E3Sold Post
69Vacant Freehold HouseMacclesfield, Cheshire£310,000
70Investment Freehold BuildingHayes, MiddlesexRefer to Auctioneer
71Vacant Freehold SiteIpswich, Suffolk£25,000
72Investment Freehold Semi-Detached HousePeterborough, CambridgeshireAvailable at £125,000
73Investment Leasehold FlatLondon W1WAvailable at £775,000
73AVacant Freehold HouseHayes, Middlesex£339,000
73BVacant Freehold HouseLondon SE18£281,000
73CVacant Leasehold FlatBedford, Bedfordshire£108,000
73DVacant Freehold HouseCroydon, Surrey£343,000
74Leasehold FlatLondon SW10£700,000
75Vacant Freehold Detached HouseDunstable, Bedfordshire£332,000
76Investment Leasehold FlatLondon NW3Refer to Auctioneer
77Vacant Freehold SiteCaversham, ReadingAvailable at £35,000
78Vacant Freehold Detached BungalowWesterham, SurreyAvailable at £350,000
79Vacant Freehold SiteUxbridge, MiddlesexAvailable at £30,000
80Investment Freehold HouseLondon SW15£368,000
81Vacant Freehold HouseLondon NW2£450,000
82Vacant Freehold LandPotters Bar, HertfordshireRefer to Auctioneer
83Vacant Freehold LandPotters Bar, HertfordshireWithdrawn
84Vacant Freehold LandPotters Bar, HertfordshireWithdrawn
85Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW11Available at £290,000
85AVacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseHigh Wycombe, Buckinghamshire£255,000
86Vacant Freehold OfficeLondon N18Withdrawn
87Vacant Freehold BuildingEnfield, Middlesex£120,000
88Vacant Freehold SiteBognor Regis, West SussexRefer to Auctioneer
89Part Vacant Freehold BuildingSouth Shields, Tyne & Wear£24,000
90Vacant Freehold HouseGateshead, Tyne & Wear£71,000
91Vacant Freehold SiteWelwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire£1,000
92Part Vacant Freehold BuildingHayes, Middlesex£569,000
93Part Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SW15£460,000
94Vacant Freehold HouseCobham, SurreyRefer to Auctioneer
95Investment Leasehold FlatLondon NW3Available at £890,000
96Investment Leasehold Block of FlatsSolihull, West MidlandsRefer to Auctioneer
96AVacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW2Available at £310,000
96BVacant Freehold Detached BungalowBlackpool, LancashireWithdrawn
96CVacant Freehold BuildingHampton Hill, SurreyRefer to Auctioneer
97Vacant Leasehold FlatSouth Croydon, SurreyAvailable at £205,000
98Vacant Freehold BuildingBridlington, YorkshireSold Post
99Vacant Freehold SiteCroydon, Surrey£165,000
100Vacant Freehold HouseBlyth, NorthumberlandWithdrawn
101Vacant Freehold SiteEdgware, Middlesex£22,000
102Vacant Freehold BuildingMiddletown,, Nr Welshpool£500,000
103Investment Freehold HouseLondon NW8£1.9M
104Part Vacant Leasehold BuildingSurbiton, SurreyAvailable at £280,000
105Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E5Sold Post
106Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseLoughton, EssexWithdrawn Prior
107Vacant Freehold HouseKeyworth, Nottingham£149,000
108Vacant Leasehold FlatMaidstone, KentSold Post
109Vacant Leasehold FlatSouth Croydon, SurreyWithdrawn
110Part Vacant Freehold RetailLondon E17Withdrawn
111Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E8£285,000
111AVacant Freehold HouseShepperton, Middlesex£380,000
111BInvestment Freehold BuildingLondon SE22£26,000
112Vacant Freehold Retail WarehouseKirkby-in-Ashfield, NottinghamshireAvailable at £350,000
113Vacant Leasehold FlatBridlington, East Riding of YorkshireWithdrawn
114Vacant Leasehold FlatCheam, SurreyAvailable at £240,000
115Vacant Freehold HouseBrierley Hill, West MidlandsWithdrawn
116Vacant Freehold HouseSt Albans, Hertfordshire£295,000
117Vacant Freehold SiteStoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire£300,000
118Vacant Freehold OfficeNateby, LancashireSold Post
119Vacant Freehold SiteCroydon, Surrey£210,000
120Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLondon SW2£317,000
121Vacant Freehold HouseFerryhill, County Durham£17,000
122Vacant Freehold LandEdgware, MiddlesexAvailable at £10,000
123Vacant Freehold LandWormley, SurreySold Prior
124Vacant Freehold LandWormley, SurreySold Prior
125Vacant Freehold LandWormley, SurreySold Prior
126Investment Freehold Detached BungalowHeadley, SurreySold Prior
127Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E11Sold Post
128Vacant Freehold SiteOrpington, Kent£257,000
129Vacant Freehold HouseLondon N18Sold Prior
130Investment Freehold Semi-Detached HouseLondon N12Available at £20,000
131Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseBirmingham, West MidlandsSold Prior