• Offered: 85
  • Sold: 69
  • Sold %: 81.18
  • Total disclosed value: £21.681M
1Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W2£412,000
2Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon NW1Withdrawn
3Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW17£361,000
4Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E12£213,000
5Vacant Freehold HouseTaunton, Somerset£120,000
6Vacant Leasehold StudioLondon W2£407,000
7Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W9 2PR£560,000
8Vacant Freehold HouseWelling, Kent£315,000
9Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE1No Longer Available
10Vacant Freehold BuildingRomford, Essex£286,000
11Vacant Freehold SiteShepperton, MiddlesexNo Longer Available
12Vacant Freehold HouseSlough, Berkshire£244,000
13Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteStaines upon Thames, MiddlesexAvailable at £180,000
14Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLondon SE9£181,000
15Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E6£361,000
16Vacant Freehold HouseWoodford Green, Essex£366,000
17Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW18Available at £300,000
18Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW3Available at £155,000
19Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteCroydon, Surrey£177,000
20Vacant Freehold HouseIwade, Kent£123,000
21Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon N16£459,000
22Vacant Freehold HouseSidcup, Kent£275,000
23Vacant Freehold HouseDartford, Kent£278,000
24Vacant Leasehold FlatGrays, Essex£85,000
25Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached BungalowEastbourne, East Sussex£210,000
26Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseRomford, EssexWithdrawn
27Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E12£304,000
28Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E4£330,000
29Investment Freehold BuildingLondon E5£995,000
30Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E15£454,000
31Vacant Freehold HouseLeatherhead, Surrey£282,000
32Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseFeltham, Middlesex£310,000
33Vacant Freehold HouseRomford, EssexAvailable at £235,000
34Vacant Freehold HouseCroydon, SurreyAvailable at £280,000
35Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseCroydon, SurreyWithdrawn
36Vacant Freehold HouseBrentwood, Essex£352,000
37Vacant Freehold HouseFeltham, Middlesex£341,000
38Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseBarnet, HertfordshireWithdrawn
39Vacant Freehold HouseLondon N1£780,000
40Vacant Leasehold StudioBeckenham, KentAvailable at £85,000
41Vacant Freehold HouseSwindon, Wiltshire£107,000
42Vacant Freehold Detached HouseSevenoaks, Kent£422,000
43Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteNew Malden, Surrey£207,000
44Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW11£367,000
45Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SW18£490,000
46Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon W3Sold Prior
47Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon N4Refer to Auctioneer
48Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon NW2No Longer Available
49Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SW18£910,000
50Part Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon SW11Available at £740,000
51Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SW11£715,000
52Vacant Freehold HouseErith, Kent£265,000
52AVacant Leasehold FlatLondon E16£179,000
52BVacant Freehold SiteRowley Regis, West MidlandsSold Post
53Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseBexley, Kent£345,000
54Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseBexley, KentWithdrawn
55Vacant Freehold VillaBarrington, Nr Cambridge£440,000
56Investment Freehold FlatLondon N8Withdrawn
57Investment Freehold LeisureFareham, HampshireAvailable at £600,000
58Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseDartford, Kent£232,000
59Vacant Freehold GarageShepperton, MiddlesexWithdrawn
60Vacant Freehold GarageShepperton, MiddlesexWithdrawn
61Investment Freehold BuildingSelsdon, Surrey£310,000
62Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseEsher, SurreyWithdrawn
63Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteShepperton, MiddlesexWithdrawn
64Vacant Freehold LandRedhill, Surrey£86,000
65Vacant Freehold LandBracknell, BerkshireAvailable at £395,000
66Vacant Freehold SiteSunningdale, Berkshire£250,000
67Vacant Freehold LandSutton-in-Ashfield, NottinghamshireSold Post
68Freehold BuildingLondon SW16Sold Prior
69Part Vacant Freehold RetailLondon SE25Available at £320,000
70Vacant Freehold HouseRoyston, HertfordshireWithdrawn
71Vacant Freehold HouseDartford, KentWithdrawn
72Vacant Freehold HouseDartford, KentWithdrawn
73Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE10Withdrawn
74Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE10Withdrawn
75Vacant Freehold HouseLondon E17£400,000
76Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon SE17Sold Prior
77Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseReading, BerkshireAvailable at £245,000
78Vacant Leasehold FlatFeltham, Middlesex£218,000
79Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseLondon SW16£391,000
80Vacant Freehold LandWelwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire£1,000
81Investment Freehold Semi-Detached HouseCroydon, SurreySold Prior
82Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached BungalowAshtead, SurreyWithdrawn
83Vacant Leasehold StudioCuckfield, SussexWithdrawn
84Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseStansted, Kent£350,000
85Vacant Freehold SiteShipbourne, Kent£82,000
86Vacant Freehold RetailLondon W13£1.245M
87Vacant Leasehold FlatNew Addington, Surrey£210,000
88Investment Freehold HouseSoutham, Warwickshire£59,000
89Investment Freehold BuildingLondon E13Sold Prior
90Vacant Freehold SiteMitcham, Surrey£161,000
91Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE27Refer to Auctioneer
92Investment Freehold Detached HouseRuddington, Nr NottinghamWithdrawn
93Vacant Freehold HouseHorsham, West SussexWithdrawn
94Vacant Leasehold FlatDartford, KentWithdrawn
95Vacant Freehold BuildingLondon SW6Withdrawn
96Vacant Leasehold FlatLondon E17£255,000
96AVacant Leasehold FlatLondon E17£320,000
97Vacant Leasehold FlatWelling, KentWithdrawn
98Vacant Freehold HouseHartlepool, County Durham£24,000
99Vacant Freehold Detached BungalowBlackpool, Lancashire£61,000
100Vacant Freehold HouseHarrogate, North Yorkshire£120,000
101Investment Freehold BuildingLondon N3£10,000
102Investment Freehold Detached HouseBeckenham, Kent£35,000
103Investment Freehold BuildingLondon W14£10,000
104Vacant Leasehold FlatBrentwood, Essex£106,000
105Vacant Freehold HouseIlford, EssexWithdrawn
106Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseDartford, KentWithdrawn
107Vacant Freehold HouseLondon SE2Withdrawn