6 APR 2022 - MCHUGH & CO
  • Offered: 222
  • Sold: 197
  • Sold %: 88.74
  • Total disclosed value: £48.111M
1Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLoughton, Essex£410,000
2Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseHarrow, Middlesex£491,000
3Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseIlford, Essex£500,000
4Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseBexleyheath, Kent£436,000
5Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseMorden, Surrey£527,000
6Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseTunbridge Wells, Kent£530,000
7Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseBeckenham, Kent£447,000
8Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseBethnal Green E2£830,000
9Vacant Freehold Detached HouseCoulsdon, Surrey£589,000
10Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HousePlumstead SE18£426,000
10AVacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseHither Green SE13Sold Prior
10BVacant Freehold Detached HouseRedhill, Surrey£472,000
11Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseHighams Park E4£552,000
12Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseSouth Croydon, Surrey£392,000
13Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseManor Park E12£410,000
14Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseRomford, Essex£383,000
15Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseCambridge£319,000
15AVacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseEdgware, Middlesex£482,000
15BVacant Freehold Terraced HouseSouth Norwood SE25£379,000
16Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseWalton-on-Thames, Surrey£464,000
17Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseEast Dulwich SE22£939,000
17AVacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseRomford, Essex£460,000
17BVacant Freehold Terraced HouseEdmonton N9£310,000
18Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseChelmsford, Essex£331,000
19Vacant Leasehold FlatWest Hampstead NW6£507,000
20Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseBarking, Essex£356,000
20AVacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseThornton Heath, SurreyWithdrawn
20BVacant Freehold Terraced HouseEast Ham E6£456,000
20CVacant Leasehold FlatCamberwell SE5£146,000
20DVacant Leasehold FlatUpminster, Essex£267,000
21Vacant Freehold Detached HouseEnfield, Middlesex£442,000
22Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseBethnal Green E2£833,000
23Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseRomford, Essex£371,000
24Vacant Leasehold FlatMill Hill NW7£258,000
25Freehold Terraced HouseDartmouth Park NW5Available at £850,000
25AVacant Freehold HouseCroydon£352,000
25BVacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseMorden£483,000
25CVacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseEnfield, MiddlesexWithdrawn
26Vacant RetailDunstable, BedfordshireWithdrawn
27Vacant Freehold Detached HouseSnaresbrook E11Sold Post
28Vacant Leasehold FlatWest Hampstead NW6£506,000
29Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseThornton Heath, Surrey£441,000
30Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseGravesend, Kent£342,000
30AVacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseCroydon£294,000
30BVacant Freehold Terraced HouseEast Malling, Kent£299,000
30CInvestment Freehold BuildingLeyton E10Sold Prior
30DVacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseChipping Norton, Oxfordshire£194,000
31Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseRainham, Essex£401,000
32Vacant Freehold Detached HouseCroydon, Surrey£324,000
33Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseBrixton SW9£714,000
35Freehold SiteAscot, Berkshire£563,000
35AVacant Freehold Semi-Detached BungalowErith, Kent£370,000
35BVacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseWindsor, Berkshire£366,000
35CVacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseMitcham, Surrey£451,000
35DInvestment Leasehold FlatWoodford Green, EssexAvailable at £145,000
36Vacant RetailWestminster SW1PSold Prior
37Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseWaltham Cross, Hertfordshire£340,000
38Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseBromley, KentWithdrawn
39Vacant Freehold Detached BungalowErith, Kent£357,000
40Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteLewisham SE13Available at £410,000
40AVacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseRomford, Essex£354,000
40BVacant Freehold Semi-Detached BungalowClacton-on-Sea, EssexSold Prior
41Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteAddiscombe, Croydon£146,000
42Vacant Leasehold FlatThornton Heath, Surrey£150,000
43Vacant Freehold HouseMorden, Surrey£428,000
44Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseBridlington, North Humberside£84,000
45Vacant Freehold Detached HouseBelvedere, KentWithdrawn
45AVacant Freehold LandCatford SE6£136,000
45BVacant Leasehold GarageLewisham£10,500
46Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseWembley, Middlesex£510,000
47Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseWalthamstow E17£525,000
48Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteBounds Green N11£266,000
49Freehold SiteHove, East Sussex£182,000
50Vacant Freehold Detached BungalowWoodley, Reading£471,000
50AVacant Freehold HouseThatcham, Berkshire£263,000
50BVacant Leasehold FlatCroydonSold Prior
50CVacant Freehold RetailSheerness, Kent£134,000
51Vacant Leasehold FlatBarking, Essex£221,000
52Vacant Leasehold HouseDagenham, Essex£188,000
53Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseMitcham, Surrey£395,000
54Vacant Leasehold FlatThornton Heath, Surrey£187,000
55Vacant Leasehold FlatMitcham£190,000
56Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseBanstead, Surrey£360,000
57Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseLeicester£353,000
58Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseDagenham, Essex£329,000
59Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseIslington N7Sold Prior
60Vacant Leasehold FlatTottenham N17Sold Post
60AVacant Freehold HouseNorthgate, Crawley, West Sussex£285,000
60BVacant Freehold HouseMelksham, Wiltshire£170,000
61Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseWalthamstow E17Sold Post
62Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseWembley, MiddlesexWithdrawn
63Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseTunbridge Wells, Kent£241,000
64Vacant Leasehold FlatChessington, Surrey£270,000
65Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached BungalowWellingborough, Northamptonshire£222,000
65AVacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseActon W3£771,000
65BVacant Freehold Terraced HouseBradville, Milton Keynes£194,000
66Investment Leasehold FlatPlaistow E13£172,000
67Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseAshford, Kent£292,000
68Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseShirley, Southampton£312,000
69Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseGosport, Hampshire£204,000
70Vacant Leasehold FlatMuswell Hill N10Withdrawn
71Freehold RetailSeven Sisters N15£700,000
72Vacant Leasehold FlatRedhill, SurreyAvailable at £130,000
73Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteWest Wickham, Kent£177,000
74Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseReading, Berkshire£378,000
75Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseTonbridge, Kent£248,000
75AVacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseCanterbury, Kent£243,000
75BVacant Leasehold FlatEaling W5£195,000
75CVacant Freehold Detached HousePoole, Dorset£256,000
76Investment Leasehold FlatHarlesden NW10£254,000
77Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseEast Grinstead, West Sussex£262,000
78Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseWalthamstow E17Withdrawn
79Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseMaidenhead, BerkshireAvailable at £374,000
80Investment Leasehold FlatEast Ham E6Sold Prior
80AVacant Freehold HouseNew Addington, CroydonAvailable at £320,000
80BVacant Freehold Detached HouseCoalville, Leicestershire£170,000
80CInvestment Freehold Detached HouseCinderford, Gloucestershire£84,000
81Vacant Leasehold FlatPlaistow E13£170,000
82Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseNassington, Peterborough£198,000
83Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseErith, Kent£238,000
84Investment Leasehold MaisonetteBow E3£212,000
85Vacant Freehold Detached BungalowSwindon, WiltshireAvailable at £365,000
86Vacant Freehold Detached BungalowRomford, EssexWithdrawn
87Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseAshford, Surrey£415,000
88Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseWaltham Abbey, EssexWithdrawn Prior
89Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseGodalming, Surrey£306,000
90Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseNew Addington, Croydon£269,000
91Vacant Freehold Detached HouseTonbridge, KentAvailable at £377,000
92Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseEaston, Bristol£282,000
93Investment Freehold RetailSittingbourne, KentAvailable at £159,000
94Vacant Freehold Detached BungalowNorth Benfleet, EssexAvailable at £375,000
95Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseRugby, Warwickshire£170,000
96Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseArboretum, Worcester£133,000
97Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseHavant, Hampshire£219,000
98Vacant Leasehold FlatSurbiton, Surrey£123,000
99Vacant Leasehold FlatSouth Woodford E18Available at £199,000
100Investment Leasehold FlatHarrow, MiddlesexWithdrawn
101Investment Freehold RetailKettering, Northamptonshire£101,000
102Investment Leasehold FlatHornchurch, Essex£118,000
103Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseOrpington, Kent£330,000
104Vacant Leasehold FlatDartford, KentAvailable at £109,000
105Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseIlkeston, Derbyshire£233,000
106Vacant Leasehold FlatLewisham SE13Available at £254,000
107Investment Freehold RetailKettering, Northamptonshire£167,000
108Vacant Freehold Detached HouseWinton, Bournemouth£249,000
109Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseKirby in Ashfield, Nottingham£95,000
110Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseBristol£166,000
110AVacant Freehold Terraced HouseNottinghamWithdrawn Prior
110BVacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseKeighley, West Yorkshire£69,000
111Vacant Leasehold Semi-Detached HouseWarrington, Cheshire£155,000
112Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseSutton Coldfield, Birmingham£124,000
113Vacant Leasehold FlatNorthumberland Heath, Kent£157,000
114Vacant Leasehold FlatSidcup, KentSold Post
115Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseHarwich, Essex£157,000
116Investment Freehold Semi-Detached HouseSutton-In-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire£100,000
117Investment Freehold Terraced HouseBirkenhead, Merseyside£117,000
118Vacant Freehold BuildingWigton, Cumbria£44,000
119Vacant Leasehold FlatHarlow, Essex£159,000
120Vacant Freehold Detached HouseTrowbridge, WiltshireAvailable at £240,000
121Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseLuton, Bedfordshire£155,000
122Vacant Leasehold MaisonetteCanning Town E16£275,000
123Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseDownham Market, Norfolk£118,000
124Vacant Leasehold FlatWestcliff-On-Sea, Essex£127,000
125Vacant Leasehold FlatBognor Regis, West Sussex£134,000
126Vacant Freehold BuildingTonypandy, Wales£7,000
127Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseCoalville, Leicestershire£129,000
128Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseBradford£102,000
129Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HousePreston, Lancashire£89,000
130Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseHanley, Stoke-On-Trent£100,000
131Vacant Freehold End of Terrace HouseMarket Rasen, Lincolnshire£79,000
132Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseRuncorn, Cheshire£90,000
133Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseSwansea, Wales£81,000
134Vacant Freehold Terraced HouseTodmorden, West Yorkshire£86,000
135Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached HouseBargoed, Wales£74,000
135AInvestment Leasehold OtherBradford£5,000
136Vacant Leasehold FlatEdenbridge, Kent£25,000
137Vacant Freehold RetailEdmonton N18£120,000
138Freehold RetailRochford, Essex£98,000
138AVacant Leasehold RetailHarwich, Essex£48,000
138BVacant Leasehold FlatHeathfield, East SussexRefer to Auctioneer
139Vacant Freehold RetailWeymouth, DorsetWithdrawn Prior
140Vacant Freehold RetailWhitehaven, West Cumbria£54,000
141Vacant Freehold BuildingDoncaster£30,000
142Vacant Freehold GarageFinchley N12£404,000
143Investment Freehold GarageWoodford Green, EssexSold Prior
144Vacant Freehold GarageAshford, Middlesex£80,000
145Vacant Freehold LandCroxley Green, Rickmansworth£121,000
145AVacant Freehold GarageKingsbury NW9£50,000
145BVacant Freehold GarageRomford, Essex£109,000
146Vacant Freehold LandCrystal Palace SE19Refer to Auctioneer
147Vacant Freehold SiteFrome, Somerset£148,000
148Vacant Freehold LandWelwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire£51,000
149Vacant Freehold LandEnfield, Middlesex£87,000
150Vacant Freehold SitePoole, DorsetWithdrawn Prior
151Vacant Freehold GarageGreenford, Middlesex£54,000
152Vacant Freehold LandReading, Berkshire£18,000
153Vacant Freehold SiteBoston, Lincolnshire£45,000
154Vacant Freehold LandRainham, Essex£35,000
155Vacant Freehold LandReigate, Surrey£16,000
156Vacant Freehold LandBishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire£30,000
157Vacant Freehold LandArnos Vale, Bristol£44,000
158Vacant Freehold LandColchester, Essex£70,000
159Vacant Freehold LandStanground, Peterboroug£6,000
160Vacant Freehold LandEast Ham E6£56,000
161Vacant Freehold GarageEnfield, MiddlesexAvailable at £45,000
162Vacant Freehold LandDover, Kent£23,000
163Vacant Freehold LandNew Haw, Near Addlestone£35,000
164Vacant Freehold LandTewin, Hertfordshire£23,000
165Vacant Freehold LandEly, Cambridgeshire£43,000
165AVacant Freehold LandTunbridge Wells, Kent£5,000
166Vacant Freehold GarageBromley, Kent£26,000
167Vacant Freehold LandWindsor£26,000
168Vacant Freehold LandStone, Staffordshire£1,000
169Vacant Freehold GarageLoughton, EssexWithdrawn Prior
170Vacant Leasehold GarageEaling Village, Ealing£38,000
171Vacant Freehold GarageFarnham, Surrey£16,000
172Vacant Freehold GarageWest Hampstead NW6£34,000
173Vacant Freehold GarageKingston Upon Thames£30,500
174Vacant Leasehold GarageSudbury, WembleyAvailable at £15,000
175Freehold GarageUpminster, Essex£68,000
176Freehold GarageUpminster, Essex£64,000
177Investment Freehold GarageYeovil, SomersetAvailable at £110,000
178Vacant Leasehold GaragePinner HA5£16,000
179Vacant Leasehold Garage86 Rickmansworth Road, Pinner£17,000
180Freehold OtherLoughton, Essex£11,000
181LandSutton Coldfield, West Midlands£5,000
182Investment Freehold Ground RentClapham SW4£22,000
183Investment Freehold SiteBrentford, MiddlesexAvailable at £150,000
184Investment Freehold Ground RentTooting SW17£19,000
185Investment Freehold Ground RentThornton Heath, Surrey£14,000
185AInvestment Freehold Ground RentClapton E5Available at £6,000
186Investment Freehold Ground RentSlough, BerkshireAvailable at £49,000
187Investment Freehold Ground RentBrockley SE4£35,000
188Investment Freehold Ground RentLeytonstone E11Withdrawn Prior
189Investment Freehold Ground RentWhetstone N20Available at £79,000
190Investment Freehold Ground RentBlackheath SE3Withdrawn Prior
191Investment Freehold Ground RentBarton On Sea, HampshireAvailable at £29,000
192Vacant Leasehold GarageEast Finchley N2Sold Prior